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Central Elastic Corporation Sdn Bhd

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Nature of Business

Manufacture of General & Special Purpose Quality Rubber Band.

Company Registration No.

197301000261 (13808-U)

Year Established


Paid Up Capital

  • $1,018,000 USD

No. Of Employees

  • 160

Quality Certification

  • ISO 9001

Key Persons

Managing Director - Shinobu Kawata

Company Background

History & Location

Central Elastic Corporation Sdn Bhd (popularly called CEC) was set up in 1973 at Prai Industrial Complex on the main land of Penang state of Malaysia, Land of Quality Natural Rubber, as a joint venture company with the collaboration of Japanese and Malaysian interests to specialize in the manufacture of rubber bands.

CEC is located at 7 acre land of Prai Industrial Complex for easy access to Penang/ Buterworth container wharves and linked to Business Centre and International Airport of Penang via 13km Penang Bridge.

Today CEC is well recognized as an well established successful joint-venture company in rubber products manufacturing industry in Malaysia. CEC has grown remarkably with the dedicated people working together as a team, the quality natural rubber available and the stable operation climate in Malaysia.

Bright future can be forseen for CEC under the on-going development in economy and trade in this part of the world coupled with the company's positive plan for products diversification.

Products & Market

CEC is specialized in manufacturing very wide range of types and sizes of rubber bands for general and specific applications in many different industries and consumer market sectors, for example, agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, fishery, electronics, stationery, packaging, ESD, toy, hobby, sports, physical work-out, household. You can see many of our unique products in the website:

Most of the products are exported to many countries of the world. Numbers of the company's agent are working closely with the company to promote and sell these quality products in their specific market sectors.

Your enquiries about our products and services as well as your suggestion or idea of new products and applications are always welcome.

Production Facility & Capacity

350 metric ton of the active monthly capacity for rubber bands production with a large scale of modern processing machines and a number of the sophisticated testing equipments operated by the well trained staff and operators made CEC one of the largest and best manufacturer of quality rubber bands in the world.

Quality of Products and Services

The stringent quality control which has been practised in the whole manufacturing processes of the company since it's establishment is CEC's culture which was inherited from it's parent company in Japan, Kyowa Limited, which has been manufacturing quality rubber products ince 1923 in Japan. This contributed to make CEC a single major supplier of quality rubber bands in the tough Japanese market since it's establishment.

Besides it's well known quality standard, CEC was successfully accredited to ISO 9002 (1994) for it's quality management system in August 2000 and consequently updated to ISO 9001 (2000) in July 2003. The management and everyone in the company committed to make a continuous effort in order to provide quality products and services for achieving customer satisfaction. Realizing the importance of the quality of people participating in the activity, the company put a great emphasis on continuity of extensive education and training in every aspect to achieve this goal.  "Customer Satisfaction" is the business of CEC.

Products Development

In order to serve better to ever changing market of the world CEC has been continuously improving the quality of the products and further stepping up the development of the new products. Coupled with the utilization and combination of even synthetic materials besides traditional natural rubber the scope of the products will be widened tremendously.

Today CEC is well known as an innovative and reliable rubber bands manufacturer catering to many different industries and applications. A variety of CEC's quality products gives the convenience and efficiency to the consumers.

Main Shareholders / Parent Company

  • Kyowa Limited, Japan


  • RHB Bank Berhad
  • CIMB Bank Bhd
  • Plot 56-61, Solok Perusahaan 1, Prai Industrial Complex, P O Box WD 204
    Prai, Penang, 13609, Malaysia
  • +604 3906212
  • +604 3908052
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