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ARTRON International Pte Ltd

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Nature of Business

Manufacturing & Trading - Import & Export.
Electronic Materials, Electronic Components & Electrical Insulation, Plastic Molding, PCB Assembly, SKD, CKD.

Introduction of our Corporate Brand
Artron is a blend of three key words: art (technology, mastership, skill), electron (electricity, the substance of electric current), and astro (stars, astral body, space). It illustrates our determination to “bring about a new world of electric”, "electronic technology through Monodzukuri", “perfect the art of electric”, and “electronic Monodzukuri.” 

Company Registration No.


Year Established


Paid Up Capital

  • $700,000 USD

No. Of Employees

  • 60

Quality Certification

  • ISO 14001

Key Persons

Managing Director - Hiroyuki Kikuchi
Sales Manager - General Wholesale Trading - C Y Yong
Sales Manager - Electronics Manufacturing Service - Kevin Tang

Company Background

ARTRON INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD (formerly TOA E&I International Pte Ltd) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toa Electric & Industrial Co., Ltd of Japan ( Being established for more than 60 years, TOA group of companies has grown to more than 35 offices and manufacturing plants globally in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany, and USA.

Main Shareholders / Parent Company

  • Toa Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • 20 Bendemeer Road #06-08, BS Bendemeer Centre
    Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Council, 339914, Singapore
  • +65 6743 5161
  • +65 6747 8700
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