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I-O & YT Pte Ltd

Product / Service We Provide

Nature of Business

Trading, Export & Import of Goods, International Procurement Organization, Semiconductors, Computer Peripherals Manufacturers.
Retailing Japanese related consumer products.

Year Established


Paid Up Capital

  • $1,200,000 USD

No. Of Employees

  • 9

Key Persons

Managing Director - Jane Wong Bay Jang
Chairman - Hideo Minamoto

Company Background

Founded in March 1997, I-O & YT Pte. Ltd. is one of the leading providers for excellent quality computer peripherals and industrial related devices in Singapore. As a Singapore based joint-venture between Japan's Yokoyama Shokai Co Ltd and I-O Data Device Inc, the company's extensive knowledge and access in the Japanese markets and Asian regions provide an opportunity to build momentum around new ideas and create innovative solutions.Today, the company is not only involved in the development, assembly, marketing, servicing, import and export of high technology and industrial equipment in the Asian and global markets, it also has one of the largest client bases within the computer peripherals and industrial equipment industries.

Main Shareholders / Parent Company

  • I-O Data Device, Inc.
  • Yokoyama Shokai Co., Ltd.


  • MUFG Bank Ltd.
  • Mizuho Bank Ltd
  • 25 International Business Park #01-11/14 German Centre
    Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Council, 609916, Singapore
  • +65 6665 4478
  • +65 6665 4473
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