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ARTRON (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Product / Service We Provide

Nature of Business

Trading of Electronics Parts, Supply Insulation & Plastics Parts, etc.

Year Established


Paid Up Capital

  • $4,037,062 USD

No. Of Employees

  • 44

Key Persons

Managing Director - Masafumi Ohashi

Company Background

ARTRON (Thailand) Co., Ltd is a leading international trading company in Thailand and many major cities in Indonesia, China and throughout the world. Our expertise in Electrics and Electronics parts is recognized as we’re the leader in electronic technology. We’re global sourcing including the supplying of Electronic component and Insulation products.

Main Shareholders / Parent Company

  • Toa Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • 1 Empire Tower, 19th Floor, Rm 1906, 1907/1, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa
    Sathorn, Bangkok, 10120, Thailand
  • +66 (0)2 6700241
  • +66 (0)2 6700240
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