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Thai United Awa Paper Co. Ltd.

Product / Service We Provide

Nature of Business

Manufacturing of filter paper for automotive industry.

Year Established


Paid Up Capital

  • $11,272,726 USD

Factory / Branches / Other Facilities

  1. Factory
    616 Moo 1 Kabinburi-Korat Road, Nong-Ki Kabinburi
    Prachin Buri, Thailand

Key Persons

Managing Director - Kingyong Vongchanphen
Deputy Managing Director - Munehiko Komatsu
General Manager - Shinichi Inamura

Company Background

AWA PAPER MANUFACTURING OF JAPAN, one of the leading companies in the paper making industry for use in the industry, with many important products such as paper air filters for cars ( AS AIR FILTERS FOR CARS ) , including for Oil Filter And fuel oil ( AS ENGINE OIL AND FUEL OIL FILTERS ) , battery barrier (AS SEPARATOR PAPER IN A BATTERIES), synthetic fiber paper (AS SYNTHETIC FIBER), special paper (AS OTHER TYPES OF SPECIAL PAPER), Ceramic fiber paper and glass fiber (AND AS) is modern and has received quality control efficiently. Therefore causing various products Trusted and built a reputation for AWA PAPER For a long time

On March 3 , 1994, AWA PAPER collaborated with 3 leading companies with a capital of 341 million baht, which is Thai UNITED INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (TUI), THAI SUNROCK CO., LTD., OZAX. CORPORATION. Cooperated to establish a Thai UNITED AWA PAPER CO., LTD. Or TUA

By establishing a factory at Kabinburi Industrial Estate, Prachinburi province on an area of ​​over 56 rai, this is used as a production source products on behalf of TUA and was the first company in Thailand. That can produce paper for all types of filter industry.

Main Shareholders / Parent Company

  • Thai United Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • 36 Moo 7 Bangna-Trad Km. 8 Road, Bangkaew
    Bang Phli , Samut Prakan, 10540, Thailand
  • +66 (0)2 7517026
  • +66 (0)2 7517025
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