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Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Product / Service We Provide

Nature of Business

Hire Purchase for Motor Vehicles.

Year Established


Paid Up Capital

  • $499,834,613 USD

Key Persons

President - Chuenkamol Dapparungsi
Executive Vice President - Shinji Nakahama
Vice President - Norimasa Ogawa

Company Background

Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. started as a financial institution that provides hire purchase loans to Toyota customers with a registered capital of 200 million baht on October 5, 1993. The main objective is to support the sales of Toyota cars. And increasing distribution channels. Only the first 2 years, Toyota Leasing can expand the service area to important provinces. Quickly in all regions across the country, a total of 11 provinces in 1996

But then the expansion plan came to a halt when in 1997 the financial crisis in Asia or Thailand called At the time, Thailand announced the closing of 56 financial institutions. There are a number of financial institutions that need to adjust their business strategies to survive. Toyota Leasing is the same. Top management has decided to reduce the number of branch offices serving in 11 provinces to only 6 provinces in 1999, but the service policy still covers all regions nationwide.

Main Shareholders / Parent Company

  • Toyota Financial Services Corporation
  • 990 Abdulrahim Place, 18-19th Floor, Rama 4 Road
    Bangkok, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand
  • +66 (0)2 6605555
  • +66 (0)2 6361332
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