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PT. Panasonic Gobel Life Solutions Manufacturing Indonesia

Product / Service We Provide

Nature of Business

Manufacturer of lighting fixtures, wiring devices, electric control equipment, electronic ballast, water purification equipment.

Year Established


No. Of Employees

  • 1000

Factory / Branches / Other Facilities

  1. Factory
    Pasuruan Factory
    Kawasan Pasuruan Industrial Estate Rembang, Jl. Rembang Industri Raya 47
    Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia

Key Persons

President Director - Shuichi Kuroi
Vice President - Heru Santoso
Director (Energy) - Masahiro Sotooka
Director (Finance) - Shin Matsumoto
Director (Lighting) - Tetsuya Kitani
Director (HR&GA) - Lukman Widarmanto

Company Background

In the Asia Pacific, Panasonic first appeared by setting up its first factory in Thailand in 1961. A few years later, Panasonic's operations in the region expanded. At present the operation is in 6 regional areas (80 countries including Indonesia).

Main Shareholders / Parent Company

  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Gobel International


  • Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Ltd
  • Kawasan Industri Menara Permai, Km 23.8, Cileungsi
    Bogor, West Java, 16820, Indonesia
  • +62 21 8230054
  • +62 21 8970040
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